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GATE Electrical 2023 | Question-23

\hline Q.33 & A $50 \mathrm{~Hz}, 275 \mathrm{kV}$ line of length $400 \mathrm{~km}$ has the following parameters: \\
Resistance, $R=0.035 \Omega / \mathrm{km} ;$ \\
Inductance, $L=1 \mathrm{mH} / \mathrm{km} ;$ \\
Capacitance, $C=0.01 \mu \mathrm{F} / \mathrm{km} ;$ \\
The line is represented by the nominal- $\pi$ model. With the magnitudes of the sending \\
end and the receiving end voltages of the line (denoted by $V_{S}$ and $V_{R}$, respectively) \\
maintained at $275 \mathrm{kV}$, the phase angle difference $(\theta)$ between $V_{S}$ and $V_{R}$ required for \\
maximum possible active power to be delivered to the receiving end, in degree is \\
(Round off to 2 decimal places). \\
\hline & \\

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