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Consider five people- Mita, Ganga, Rekha, Lakshmi, and Sana. Ganga is taller than both Rekha and Lakshmi. Lakshmi is taller than Sana. Mita is taller than Ganga.

Which of the following conclusions are true?

  1. Lakshmi is taller than Rekha
  2. Rekha is shorter than Mita
  3. Rekha is taller than Sana
  4. Sana is shorter than Ganga


  1. $1$ and $3$
  2. $3$ only
  3. $2$ and $4$
  4. $1$ only
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Ganga is taller than Rekha and Laxmi means it can be either:

  • Ganga, Rekha,Laxmi


  • Ganga,Laxmi,Rekha.

Mita is taller than Ganga means Mita is the tallest person among all. 

since laxmi is taller than Sana. so total 3 sequences are possible:

  1. Mita,Ganga,Rekha,Laxmi,Sana
  2. Mita,Ganga,Laxmi,Rekha,Sana
  3. Mita,Ganga,Laxmi,Sana,Rekha

Based on above order only option B & D satisfied.

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