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The equivalent circuit of a single phase induction motor is shown in the figure, where the parameters are $R_1 =R_2=X_{l1}=X_{l2} = 12 \Omega$, $X_M=240 \: \Omega$ and $S$ is the slip. At no-load, the motor speed can be approximated to the synchronous speed.  The no-load lagging power factor of the motor is __________ (up to $3$ decimal places).

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I got answer as 0.1

But the given range is 0.104 to 0.112

Any chance of range extension if challenged?

Thank you.
Not sure. But you can try if 2 marks makes a difference for you. For most questions they have used a bigger range.
I got 0.1126 but the key given max range is 0.112. will i get marks for this qn.

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