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The core loss of a single phase, $230/115\:V, 50\:Hz$ power transformer is measured from $230\:V$ side by feeding the primary $(230\: V \: \text{side})$ from a variable voltage variable frequency source while keeping the secondary open circuited. The core loss is measured to be $1050\:W$ for $230\:V, 50\:Hz$ input. The core loss is again measured to be $500\:W$ for $138\:V, 30\:Hz$ input. The hysteresis and eddy current losses of the transformer for $230\: V, 50\:Hz$ input are respectively,

  1. $508\:W$ and $542\:W$
  2. $468\:W$ and $582\:W$
  3. $498\:W$ and $552\:W$
  4. $488\:W$ and $562\:W$
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