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GATE Electrical 2023 | GA Question-8

\hline Q.8 & $\begin{array}{r}\text { Which one of the options does NOT describe the passage below or follow from it? } \\
\text { We tend to think of cancer as a 'modern' illness because its metaphors are } \\
\text { so modern. It is a disease of overproduction, of sudden growth, a growth } \\
\text { that is unstoppable, tipped into the abyss of no control. Modern cell biology } \\
\text { encourages us to imagine the cell as a molecular machine. Cancer is that } \\
\text { machine unable to quench its intial command (to grow) and thus transform } \\
\text { into an indestructible, self-propelled automaton. }\end{array}$ \\
$\qquad \begin{aligned} \text { [Adapted from The Emperor of All Maladies by Siddhartha Mukherjee] }\end{aligned}$ \\

  1. & $\begin{array}{r}\text { It is a reflection of why cancer seems so modern to most of us. }\end{array}$ \\
  2. & $\begin{array}{l}\text { It tells us that modern cell biology uses and promotes metaphors of machinery. }\end{array}$ \\
  3. & $\begin{array}{l}\text { Modern cell biology encourages metaphors of machinery, and cancer is often } \\
    \text { imagined as a machine. }\end{array}$ \\
  4. & $\begin{array}{l}\text { Modern cell biology never uses figurative language, such as metaphors, to describe } \\
    \text { or explain anything. }\end{array}$ \\
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