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Consider a permanent magnet dc $\text{(PMDC)}$ motor which is initially at rest. At 

$\text{t=0}$, a dc voltage of $\text{5 V}$ is applied to the motor. Its speed monotonically

increase from $\text{0 rad/s}$ to $\text{6.32 rad/s}$  in $\text{0.5 s}$ and finally settles to $\text{10 rad/s}$.

Assuming that the armature inductance of the motor is negligible, the transfer

function for the motor is

  1. $\large\frac{10}{0.5s+1}$
  2. $\large\frac{2}{0.5s+1}$
  3. $\large\frac{2}{s+0.5}$
  4. $\large\frac{10}{s+0.5}$
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